Following on the insertion of grommets, there may be a discoloured discharge from the ear canal. This will be a combination of blood, mucous and wax, and need not be a concern. The discharge normally lasts a few days.

Children under 4 years

  1. Your child may swim and do all the water sports he/she wishes. It is advisable to not swim for two weeks following on the insertion of the grommets, to allow the ears to settle.
  2. Do not clean the ears with anything more than a wet face cloth; using ear buds normally only leads to wax impaction.

Older Children

  1. If your child is an active swimmer e.g. Swimming club, then earplugs are advised. A swimming cap and cotton wool plug will also suffice.
  2. Diving deep places increased pressure on the eardrum and may cause pain; it is essential to use earplugs in this situation.

The patient should be seeing either myself or your family doctor to have the grommets checked approximately one week after the operation. If you have any concerns please contact me. Intermittently the ears may discharge following on a cold. If this occurs, please consult your GP or myself.